When Listening to Customers Creates a Culture not Just a Business!

The driving force of language acquisition for the Bonobo Apes comes from what they hear from those around them who mean something to them. So the way to teach them is not to teach them.
—Susan Savage-Rumbaugh. TED Talks

Why does software get released before it's fully vetted? Wise companies are listening to their customers and tending the blind spots that inevitably occur when human problems are solved within the same consciousness that created them. Riffing on Einstein a bit there. 

Why is the woman who barely has a following getting on Oprah while other brands are working double time on their social media platform? It seems to boil down to something purely emotional doesn’t it? A sales first approach. 

While the perfect brand platform and precisely tested product UI displays a powerful introduction to who you are, how you care about your business, that's just the first step. And a solid one. The next is about charisma, chemistry, personality and accuracy. The interaction with your business promise, the character consistently expressed throughout and seeds something so inviting, it can't be resisted. Or better yet causes laughter or comfort in difficult times. When the brand creates an environment that says “I understand my brand is actually defined by you, dear audience. I am the atmosphere maker, the functionality provider, the provider."

Brands are meant to grow in conversation not transactional conversion. A brand is not just a logo anymore, it’s an evolving organism; a cultural event.

The audience is our human DNA--cultural milieu it's always informing businesses how to be better and serve more accurately. When businesses listen, brands grow as organically as love between people, as a garden, as the rising emotion of an audience seated before an extraordinary performance. Brands happen in between it all.

I love how Susan Savage-Rumbaugh in her Ted Talk says:
"To teach the apes language is not to teach at all but to create a meaningful culture with people who matter to them. They learn in the listening."