Those Dogs! An Amazon Story.

I've been thinking about real life vs. socially constructed life online. This is a story about how real life can be a huge SEO boost. 

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to 'Explore Amazon' in Seattle. Alongside 40 + designers, marketers, futurists, psychologists, anthropologists, artful developers (these are the developers who identify as artists of code) and user experience practitioners I listened to some fascinating talks from various groups. From the future of voice design to the complex nuances of getting your orders in 20 minutes - and so on. While all of this was great for my design obsessed brain, it was the dogs everywhere that really got me thinking. 


What did employees do when their dog needed to run? What about potential dog fights? How did everyone adapt in the hard working open spaces with spots of cute, makes-you-want-to-gush domestic life everywhere? I really didn't think I could cope. All that cuteness all day long. 

I was shown the 17th floor where an artful installation of green tennis balls populated the exiting wall. As well as towels for wet days and a full dog park to run them. 

Now, some years back I was tasked to analyze Amazon's relational database as a metric of usability success, as well as it's challenges. One of the variables in the analysis was qualifying backlinks. The electronic lint (low quality links coming in) potential was large to say the least. Today's Amazon is likely not so concerned with this. But this report took place before PRIME was born. 

The other day I was surfing into some usual 7 a.m. internet black hole and found myself on this page at Amazon: a super creative page. Especially entertained by the thoughtful crafting of the copy. But I couldn't help wondering if Amazon caught onto the stats of pet related SEO/SEM (up to 120% more than most sites on the web) and got creative by inviting dog culture into their corporate offices. Dogs follow people. SEO follows the hot story. Probably not. But if they did, I'm tipping my hat to them. 

I believe that the more companies innovate by connecting the live documentary in play (in life) with the essential value and story of their business the easier these customer site usability and SEM metrics are achieved:

  • Social currency
  • Brand comprehension
  • Patience with error
  • Increased quality in-links
  • Meaning driven SEO
  • Increased voice search-ability tags
  • Organic natural user intent (not just keywords)

Those Dogs!