Copywriting & Content 

The power of content marketing at its core is copy. Content marketing has allowed businesses to communicate the message of their business and nurture relationship with their customers and clients. 

Content is how businesses build influence and communicate the functional and emotional value of products and services. These stats say it all:

On average per minute

  • Nearly 2.5 million pieces of content are shared by users on Facebook.
  • Instagram has 220,000 new photos posted to its servers.
  • Twitter is used around 300,000 times.
  • Over $80,000 worth of sales is generated by Amazon.

Copy performs many tasks, from aesthetic quality to the data tools that capture algorithms and aggregate in search findings. Too little copy can seem hurried if it's not the correct selection and arrangement of words. Too much can create confusion and high bounce rates. Copywriting and content curation is in fact, an art — an art that necessitates a deep understanding of the business at hand.


  • Concept Strategy Strategy about success. Concept strategy is the art of success. 
  • Planning the Content Campaign You have the content. You need it organized and market-ized. You need a plan to hit your sales goals. 
  • Creative Consulting A creative evaluation of the brand with recommendations to refresh, revolutionize, regain influence with a solid content and brand rollout plan. 
  • Brand Expression Consulting Bridging the gap between promise and customer expectation. Creating pathways that amplify the brand.
  • Copywriting Web, printed collateral, tagline, widget blurbs, event invitations, installations, advertising concepts.
  • Copyediting Examining the raw materials of the business brand to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of text.
  • Image Curation and Experience Strategy The experience of content and hierarchy of presentation.