Microsoft Mediaroom UX ID Project

Microsoft Mediaroom is a software platform that powers broadcast-quality television and video services over broadband networks to consumer televisions, mobile phones, and other Internet capable devices. Mediaroom-powered TV services are delivering services to more than 4 million consumer households around the globe.

I served a dual role as a product designer to help shape their best in class user experience for the television customer — design for XBox Live that runs on Mediaroom. Other projects include user experience scenario modeling for incubator technologies with ATT, Sky, and European partners of Mediaroom and branding concept and ID designer for the UX ID and software team.

I generated over 25 new concepts presenting 2x's a week to the team as well as staging across all media types. The logo needed to convey the Mediaroom software element at the core of the identity and add more of the Human Angle (usability research) and team values in the visual language. In the end we rested on the laurels of associative memory. The play button (above) has strong resonance for the future of TV watching and was the top contender.

My Mediaroom : UX studies between remote and on screen TV viewing.

Future TV Technology viewing studies. Wireframes and visual design to unpack the sensory to visual screen viewing user experience issues. Your Mediaroom consumer customization screen visual design support. (broadband powered television).

An example of one throughput: Staging browse interaction over video playing NOW. We explored blank tiling support for several categories as well as automatic search access after too many blank tiles browsed. 

1. On Now-- blank tile, Guide
2. Recordings -- blank tile, Recorded TV
3. Subscriptions HBO -- blank tile, On Demand
4. Recommended--blank tile: Search, Settings.