Website Design & Development

A website is more than a space online to present services and engage customers in the experience of the value. A website is a living evolution of the relationship the business value has to customers, readers, purchasers, members. 80% of Niya Creative clients come to us to help them go from 'just a website' to a business-branded system that makes business easy and inviting to their target customer. They want an imprint on their audience that is clear, exciting, precise and durable and scales their business. At the end of the day, business owners who want to speak with their customers, learn what they need and give it to them grow fast. The website has to be right. And it has to be as stress-free and smooth as possible. 

A good website shapes the vital information above the fold strategically and shapes expectations in the customers' mind. Design that serves actionable information in an on-brand, on-business fashion is a business-branded website. We are scientists when it comes to maintaining the big picture while delivering beauty, good experience and precise brand expression. In the highly competitive world of online businesses, it's vital to surpass survival and thrive on the web.


  • FULL WEBSITE. WordPress, Squarespace, Pressfolio, Shopify: Web Solutions and training. I help find the right CMS solution. Customize it to the client/business brand and train the client/teams to carry it forth once delivered. 
  • LANDING PAGE: Product promotions, appointment calendars, events, launchpad for social integration and list building. Sky is the limit.
  • CONTENT STRATEGY. Visual muscle. Words that inspire action. Photography, illustration, graphic design, color palette design, marketing copy. Business personality.
  • TECHNICAL THERAPY: Host, domain, theme set up: Customized CMS code injections, email, domain, domain transfers, consultation and advice, final PDF with all information and live training. 30 days free support after final delivery.
  • NEWSLETTER Set Up, List Builder Strategies and Graphic Design: Specializing in MailChimp but can implement the list builder/newsletter that makes sense to your business goals. 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Branded Integration: Twitter, FB banners and other hubs that you use. An additional service is ongoing social media PR from a partner of NC.
  • DIGITAL LOGO AND TYPOGRAPHY DESIGN: A digital imprint that integrates beautifully with the full typographical tone of the site. And a style architecture using Google fonts with color strategy and brand cues. 
Tuttidare Social Networking Volunteer Web Application. Custom design. Sprint Team Process.

Tuttidare Social Networking Volunteer Web Application. Custom design. Sprint Team Process.

Kathrin Werner: Editorial Illustrator. SquareSpace and brand development.

Kathrin Werner: Editorial Illustrator. SquareSpace and brand development.

More website examples:

In the works now:
Award Winning Documentary Film: I Wish I Was That Bird
Therapist, Lisha Song: Sacred Healing Place

Live Samples:
Journalist: Elizabeth Costello
Museum Exhibit Designer: James Freed
Social Volunteerism: Tuttidare
Romance Novelist: Rachelle Christensen
Publisher Imprint: Sweet Bee Books

Niya Creative is a Squarespace Circle Member. Offering premium expertise to clients who prefer SS.

Niya Creative is a Squarespace Circle Member. Offering premium expertise to clients who prefer SS.


Copywriting & Content 

The power of content marketing at is foundation is copy. Content marketing has allows businesses to communicate the message of their business and attract and keep a powerful customer base. 

Niya Creative thrives on the consultative aspect of content strategy -- researching the pillars of the client's marketing message.

Content is how businesses build influence and communicate the functional meaning of the value of products and services. And my word means nothing compared to the stats of content being relayed per minute (and this was a year ago):

On average per minute

  • Nearly 2.5 million pieces of content are shared by users on Facebook
  • Instagram has 220,000 new photos posted to its servers
  • Twitter is used around 300,000 times
  • Over $80,000 worth of sales is generated by Amazon

Copy performs many tasks, from the aesthetic quality of the experience to the data tools that capture algorithms and aggregate in search findings. Too little copy can seem hurried if it's not the correct minimalistic arrangement of words. While too much can affect the potential customer as amateurish or desperate or even arrogant. Copywriting and content curation is in fact, an art. An art that necessitates a deep understanding of the business at hand. Niya Creative takes this task to heart. Niya herself has written several books, film scripts and website copy as well as marketing copy for brochures, tag lines, company and product naming. Words are very important here -- integral to the orchestration of everything branded content!


  • Concept Strategy Strategy about success. Concept strategy is the art of success. The creative concept that hits the touch points of business goals and extends the power of the brand. 
  • Planning the Content Campaign You have the content. You need it organized and market-ized. You need a plan to hit your sales goals. 
  • Creative Consulting A creative evaluation of the brand with recommendations to refresh, revolutionize, regain influence with a solid content and brand rollout plan. Or maybe just a few touches. 
  • Brand Expression Consulting Bringing 2 decades of brand experience to help businesses bridge the gap between promise and customer expectation. Creating pathways that amplify the brand.
  • Copywriting Web, printed collateral, tagline, widget blurbs, event invitations, installations, advertising concepts, 
  • Copyediting Examining the raw materials of the business brand to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of text.
  • Image Curation and Experience Strategy The experience of content and hierarchy of presentation.

Writing samples

I am currently writing for Modern Thrive. Modern Thrive offers practical education for today's creative professionals. I write the copy that introduces the classes, inspires sign ups and gets peppered into email campaigns and social marketing. Here are a few samples:

McKesson Specialty Health

Graphic Print Design

We specialize in all aspects of visual creativity – 

A Graphic Designer is a communicator first, artist second. Art is the means and toolbox for creativity. Niya Creative enjoys visual problem solving. To creatively solve various communication challenges with the combination of typography, graphics, imagery and content design. We love to facilitate a visual conversation and understanding between a business and their consumers. We specialize in: Web Design, Print Design, Packaging, UI Design.


  • Magazine online and Print  
  • Interior Spaces
  • Collateral  
  • Business Cards  
  • Books. Interior and Exterior
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Event Invitations
  • Product Packaging & Labels
  • Logos
  • Illustrated Website Elements
  • Illustration for Print and Web

Once Upon a Chef — from TypePad food blogger to online chef.

User Experience Architect, Brand Developer, Creative Director: Niya C Sisk.


Jennifer Segal contacted me having learned of my work through TypePad recommended studios list for branding and design. She was a food blogger using the TypePad platform. She had over 20k followers on her Facebook page, 12k and rising of daily subscribers to her feed and a passionate career in the making.

Jennifer takes beautiful photographs of her ingredients before cooking and the yummy results afterwards. She was a chef in a previous passage of her life. A mom with a full daily task list, she saw a career in food blogging. Her content and following was growing but she is ambitious. She wanted to see larger numbers by the end of the year. Her content was overflowing and reaching capacity at a blog. She asked me and my team to migrate her content while preserving SEO to WordPress and create a new brand platform. (Scroll to read more).

Just a few of the many scenes that make her kitchen inviting. 

One of the first comps. It includes a new image recipe index, her awesome photographs, welcome and press. Scrolled over, it turned to color. LIVE.

One of the first comps. It includes a new image recipe index, her awesome photographs, welcome and press. Scrolled over, it turned to color. LIVE.


Jennifer. She's even a tad shy. Have you noticed introverts are killing it on the web?

Jennifer wasn't quite ready for a cookbook, but she set up professional photoshoots when she put a recipe together to present to her audience. With her platform, she included video stories and demos.



The project took just over 2 months. I hired the migration team and then we worked on her perma-links to insure a smooth transition. Her audience grew more quickly as anticipated. Her site has continued to evolve and I'm very honored to have been chosen by her to get her into an online home that is large enough to contain her big bold brand. Her followers have now reached over 4 million and she has a cookbook coming out in 2017 by Chronicle Books. Her dream. I am so happy for her. She made the right business decisions and her product is beautiful and solid. There's a reason for her huge following. I've used her recipes. They are delicious. 



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