Associates & Strategic Partners

Niya Creative Consulting & Design engages a strong network of solid talent. People with rich experience in technology development, research and design. Many of whom are colleagues of Niya from Apple, Macromedia and Microsoft. A collective of trust earned over a decade of support. 

The pool of capabilities includes backend developers who specialize in connectivity, a futurist, SEO strategists, content marketers, copywriters, researchers, exhibit designer, video producers/editors, website designers, a business strategist with google analytics expertise, Wordpress developers, UX and information architecture designers.

We share a common vision that sustained engagement requires a balance of function and form backed by research and business drivers. Our model is successful because it applies a whole spectrum of creative thinking and expertise. NC relies on the trusted, effective partnerships of colleagues and associates - a virtual agency. This results in not having the overhead costs of an agency, saving client's budget in the long run.