Flowers on Wood + Pixels

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#84/365 Paintings

This weeks will be a week of collage. So I’m kicking it off with a combination of digital and selections from the wood substrate flower I did today. Fun stuff. Though I am looking forward to more manual types of collage and painting this week.


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  • WM Rine March 25, 2013  

    Oh, that’s fun to see how all of that color might have bloomed from those line drawings. A great reminder for a Monday: how instead of the workday blahs we can fill in our calendar, our line-drawing of our weeks, with lots of life and color.

  • Lis March 25, 2013  

    LOVE this, Niya. Yet another style from you, and so fabulous. It has a real sense of time and distance – and a river runs through it.

    • niya March 25, 2013  

      Lis…again, I just get so excited to hear your take on things. Mostly because I’ve seen your excellent taste. ; D
      Thank you!