Larger than Life


#202/365 Paintings

I am really enjoying my chiaroscuro horses. I suppose I can never get enough color into a horse.


Project notes: Leave Santa Fe for the west coast on Sunday/28. Whine, whine, whine. Painting here is as fun as I thought it would be. Must return in the near future.


Four Moon Boogie


#201/365 Paintings

The other night, around 2:30 a.m. I woke up to a very full moon shining in the window. A loud and demanding affectionate yellow cat outside the window and a hoot owl. A raucous night. It felt like a four moon boogie. Impolite of me to try to sleep through it.



#200/365 Paintings

Peek-a-boo! I see you having your coffee. Didn’t you forget to feed me first?

Horses first. It’s just good policy.


Project notes: 200 paintings. I can hardly believe it! That might be as many as I previously completed in my lifetime. Excited!

Going there…


#199/365 Paintings

Have you ever had the sense of going somewhere… something edging into the horizon of your awareness, still to new to name, but gives you a warm feeling nonetheless?

This horse is going there. And we are too. John O’Donohue is my current poet passion. Thanks to Sherry Richert Belul.

From his poem, “Interim”

…hold your confidence/

Don’t allow confusion to squander/

This call which is loosening/

Your roots in false ground/

That you might come free/

From all you have outgrown.

~ John O’Donohue

… Going there, wherever it may be for you, take courage from the horse. All that confidence in their legs and in nature itself.


Have a great day!

Make it Good!


#198/365 Paintings

This horse is saying, “You get my butt; my backside. See where I live? See the color in that landscape and horse stories going on in that valley? I’m needed there. So if you want to keep me around, make it good!”

What a flirt!


Santa Fe Plaza | “Hello Redhead…”


#196/365 Paintings

In Santa Fe, one of my favorite things to do is yak with people on the Plaza. As I stepped into Starbucks the other day, a Native American man sat next to a musician. He was in leathers, feathers… the whole thing. He said, “Hey redhead, I like your freckles.” I nodded and said, “Where’s your horse?” He motioned down the street. The guy next to him laughed. “You ain’t got no horse, you barely got charm.” He offered him a cigarette. Old friends, it seemed.

So I gave him a horse in this painting. He liked freckles after all!