Life is Tough When You Can’t Find the Coffee

Life is tough when you can't find the coffee. 16/365 paintings. Copyright 2013

16/365 Paintings in 2013

Cafe interruptus. These birds have a bad case of “life is off to a rough start today.”

One bird ate the coffee, while the other pooped in it, two birds know gravity well enough to know that when one moves their beak they lose their cherished coffee, and another digs for it not knowing it’s on his back. It’s the bird that uses the coffee cup for a toilet that I really feel sorry for. The one with her dirty feet in the cup? Not so much. The belly dancer? Nah, he has some mad skills, I’m not worried. The meditator will lose his cup soon enough, but he will learn from the experience.

Those birds… 

Project notes: I’ve decided that when I start selling prints at the store, my subscribers get some major discounts. It’s the least I can do for subjecting you all to my silly mind.