Cute lil’ Flapper Actress

Painting by Niya Christine

#51/365 Paintings

Doesn’t she look perky? Ready for anything life throws at her. I love the fashion and attitudes that emerged post WWI, when women rebelled against rules of conduct set forth in the nineteenth century. She wore skirts that swung over her knee when she danced, and rolled stockings (oh my!). Her hair? A bob, like a boy’s cut. They set the rulebook on fire and had a helluva time! That would have been me. I’d probably dye my hair a different color every week and pretend to be elegant as I choked on long stemmed cigarettes. I’m sure I would have had a St. Bernard to accompany me at the dances.

A social celebrity Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerold could not be hemmed in—not for a second. Also the “It” Girl, Clara Bow and Mary Pickford known for popular movies of the 1920’s. I can’t take the smile off my face thinking of the outrageous dismissals of rules and pre-ordaned fashion these women confidently sported. And why not? The war had torn everything apart. They were part of the life force that brought it back together.


Project notes: Character… yes, yes, a challenge not to spend too much time on faces. I’m used to painting large. So faces in small spaces? Very new for me. I’m enjoying the learning and humiliations that go with the learning. Be happy not perfect this redhead says over and over in a day.