Because I’m Tall…

Niya Christine Painting/Collage. Copyright

#118/365 Paintings

Because I’m tall, I see the insects up high.

I make other canaries jealous. But they shouldn’t feel that way. My knees are always scuffed up and it’s really hard for me to get a date during mating season.

Still, I keep my head up high, ready to sing with the dragon flies and ladybugs. The storks laugh at me—call me “shrimp.” I quietly gloat for not being ginormous like they are. I’m me.  A canary on stilts, with diversity, quality and character.


Note to my subscribers: Thank you all for your well wishes. The antibiotics have kicked in today and I’m feeling much better. Also, welcome new subscribers. It’s a joy to have such a high quality art audience.


Canary Fashion Bazaar

Collage/Painting by Niya Christine.Copyright

#113/365 Paintings

Canaries know they are pretty. I’m convinced of it. So when I found some special papers and copper screens this weekend, I thought they’d appreciate the gesture. A couple of them insisted upon the Target logo for their ‘super-cool’ contact lenses.

“Target is cool — fun bird toys! Besides, all the birds are doing it,” they reasoned with their exacerbated but amused artist. I had to congratulate the bird with the purple shoes and pink mohak, as he insisted upon dressing himself. I just realized the blue one with the gold feathers and short legs looks like he/she has a diaper on. Oh well, it’s a fashion bazaar (bizarre). Those canaries!


Painting dedication: When I think of fashionista’s Carolyn Maso comes directly to mind. Her taste is exquisite, expansive and very worldly. She’s a culture maker. Check her out and say hello. She will brighten your day. This is for you Carolyn!