Chubby Rabbit

Niya Christine Painting. Copyright

#141/365 Paintings

Go chubby go! You will win. Seeing you all the way to your destination.


Project notes. Today, I learned a bit about mono-printing and made many mistakes. Yet, it never fails how mistakes often turn into something necessary — I don’t see it until I’m posting. In this painting, I spilled water on the pink area under Chubby’s feet. It turned dark when I wiped it away. It’s now Chub’s shadows. And given the speed that he’s hauling his wobbly bits, it just makes sense. So YAY for spillages!

Italian Canaries

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#121/365 Paintings

Have you ever noticed how fat (on average) Italian birds are? I’m pretty sure they hang out in the crevices of every baker, chef, Saturday market vendor’s routines every single day. Sleuth’s of the almighty CRUMB.

On one of my trips to Italy, I was seeking an outlet, something mindless to do as I recovered from a break up. I decided to take black and white photographs of birds for a full week. The pigeons were the fattest. Little rolly-polly, billiard ball looking creatures. They looked at you like ‘feed me or really bad things will happen’ — I fed them, of course. But even the canaries in the pet store were on the pudgy side. I love Italy. Everything in mass amounts of appetite, beauty and in deep reverence of the almighty crumb.


Project notes: This is the final painting of April. It’s my make up painting from the sick day last week. Bunnies & Bicycles next, oh my!