Redhead Loves the Rabbit

Niya Christine Painting. Copyright

#54/365 Paintings

Ah, what could be added? They are at home with one another. The rabbit? He’s open minded to a girlfriend with rubbery skin unlike what he’s accustomed to in his other (many) furry girlfriends. His instincts are happily retrained for such strange bond. And she couldn’t be happier with him all snug in her arms. He gets her to eat more vegetables and she shows him another side of ‘safe.’

Ah… what more could be added?

Flying Circus

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#49/365 Paintings

Not exactly the type of “flying circus” that held captive audiences as aviators performed circus acts in the 20’s. No, this circus appears to prefer the lifestyle it achieves in the air. Food is delivered by small planes, hang gliders and a hot air balloon every so often. Solar power is a cinch. They have a special delivery for a panel coming soon. They do miss the elephants and sometimes feel nostalgic for an audience. But in general this floating talent machine is a happy camper (flier).