New to the World

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#105/365 Painting

Baby cow gazing out at the big old world. Hungry, curious and mom focused. I love baby cows.

Project notes: This baby cow painting is sourced from a black and white photograph taken at Point Reyes Ca some years back. I took about 170 cow photos that day. Very satisfying to paint some of them now. And to return to the 20 minute watercolor painting approach that was alive and well in January.

Skeeter and Jed

Copyright Niya Christine Painting. April 2013 Theme.

#91/365 Paintings

Meet Skeeter and Jed. They are brothers. Can you tell which one is the mommy’s boy? I don’t think his brother is fooled though. I have a feeling you might see a few more Skeeters and Jed’s this month. Along with a couple of Rosie’s and Jezzabel’s. ; D

Project notes: I do love the transition from one theme to the next. But this month I’m extra excited. The new toolbox that’s developed from last month has given me tons of new ideas and directions I want to try out. Also, this summer is shaping up to be full of travel adventures. Spring fever has hit in Niya-land.