Keeping the Balance

"Keeping the Balance" Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#27/365 Paintings 2013

Sometimes having a small cute animal between yourself and a cup of coffee is not only smart but looks cute too!

On the other hand, if that’s actually a frog on her head vs. a bunny, it might not appreciate a hot steaming cup of coffee on it’s delicate amphibian body.

Project Notes: Have you noticed my paintings and stories are getting more and more out there? I think it’s because I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel on painting ideas about coffee and tea. It’s a good thing I just have 4 more to go… (Feb. is going to be fun).

Cuppa Bunny

"Cuppa Bunny" Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright 2013

19/365 Paintings for 2013

Is there anything better than a Cuppa Bunny?

The barista says… “Mocha latte? Or, have you tried our Peppermint mocha? What about a Cup of Bunny? Huh? What did you say? You want the bunny with the heart tattoo? That’s not really a heart you know. It’s a butterfly. It imprinted. Sometimes this happens. Butterflies have attachment issues and ‘bunny’ is like ‘mom’ to a butterfly. Huh? I can’t hear you over the steamer. Did the ghost of Beatrice Potter put me up to this? Ahhh.. just enjoy your bunny. Shhh.. don’t wake her. And, the coffee is on the house.”


Kissing kettles, bunnies and butterflies? Have I gone soft? Nah, I was already mush.