Chicken and Chili Pepper Soup


#166/365 Paintings

The great chili pepper. This is how I’ve always thought of them. Anything that small that causes a crazy burning panic and makes me hop around in a non-graceful rain dance… well, tiny or not, it has my full respect. The power of the great chili pepper. There are some people, like Ken Hamik who will down the meanest, hottest chili pepper on the spot and “on video” no less… in peaceful composure. Now there’s some enviable anger management skills for ya.

Here’s a lovely chicken chili recipe from Everyday Paleo  but the idea came from The Great Chili Pepper Cookbook discovered in the kitchen of the SF garden apartment where I am living for the next month.


Project Notes:  I’m now in phase 2 of the Food & Wine theme. I’ve made it to SF where I was met on day one with a fabulous meal from Chef Cynthia. Stuffed pesto, yukon potato mackerel with rosemary and lemon, arugula and feta pizza with a lovely French white wine. Pecan pie with fresh whipped cream and red wine for desert. Can you believe I forgot my camera? I won’t make that mistake again.

Wildflowers #2 | Chicken

Wildflower Series Painting 2 by Niya Christine. Copyright

#68/365 Paintings

She doesn’t mind interrupting our view of the wild flowers because she belongs to the garden. Look at her feather colors. She works hard to blend in.

Project notes: Today I got many words of encouragement with the wild flowers and a couple print orders. I find this amazing because never have I felt so out of my element as I do now working in a more random, chaotic manner. But what do I know? Art has it’s own life force and personality. I’m just the messenger, I suppose. I couldn’t be more delighted by these surprises.