Because She Dances…

Mixed Media Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#53/365 Paintings

The Dancer

Behold the brand of beauty tossed!
See how the motion does dilate the flame!

…Fire, to no place confined,
Is both our wonder and our fear;
Moving the mind,
As lightning hurled through air…

Excerpts from “The Dancer” by Edmund Waller


I have always felt the dancer creates a new character at play with each motion. Even the stage is a character. A whole society is at work. With each whoosh there is an echo from the human condition. Pain, neutrality, anguish, ecstasy, lightness of being, disappointment, heartbreak, a new beginning, another death. You name it, it’s all there in every smokey move—clear as the light around her that shape the prayer of the dance.