A Dr. Seuss Flying Fish Kind O’ Day

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#62/365 Paintings

Because sometimes even Dr. Seuss characters get bored and must find the largest fish kite they can and show off in front of children play-sword-fighting in front of pink and yellow houses. I’m happy I got to practice my run on sentences at the end of a long and very fun day. Between the Chocolate Festival, learning how to use new art materials and a fabulous performance of “My Fair Lady” I want to go fly a fish  myselfLots of them, with a shark or two to keep it interesting.

Project notes: Explorations abound. I had no idea what I was doing. I had a box of new art supplies for a class I begin next week on mixed media flower art. This piece started with cracked eggs shells from my breakfast this morning and graphite. I played with water soluble markers, collage, cut outs of old oil paintings in the garage, watercolor and charcoal. Today was jam packed time wise, so there was no turning back. It was amazing when it actually started to look like an image of some sort. Endlessly fascinating this art stuff. Happy Sunday folks! I look forward to more mixed media surprises this month.