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Shop. Niya Christine. Copyright

#87/365 Paintings

And this is what it might look like from inside the forest of flowers. I sort of want to tickle the tummy of the elephant on the right.

Project notes: These are my first experiences with collage. This past week has been full of experimentation (in the spirit of spring). I love it.


It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.
—Rainer Maria Rilke

Lady Bug Pays It Forward

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright 2013

#83/365 Paintings

She had rested so many times on the graciousness of flowers. Wings pulled in tightly, so she wouldn’t disturb their high speed growth. Flowers were to this ladybug what a nice warm bath or meal is to us humans. She could hear their leaves unfurl—the molecules buzzed along, binding so fast and soaked up waves of photosynthesis in close sync with water in the earth. Today, the ladybug pays it forward as her flower friend takes a long deserved rest.

Project notes: Acrylic, pencil, silk dye, watercolor, gesso, ink and charcoal on wood. And yes, the red flower is wearing sunglasses. He’s just too cool for school.

Red Poppies Abstract

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#78/365 Paintings

The decorative type florals series is over for now. Although, I do have a couple more in the works because I’m still learning some things, but have moved on this week to learning to paint on wood. Silly in a way how thrilled I get learning these things I never seemed to have the time to in the past. I still don’t, but am carving out the time anyway. Maybe that’s why it’s so special. Learning is an act of patience and love, I hope to always be in those waters. This painting actually isn’t a painting on wood. That’s coming a bit later this week as it’s all in process. So this is a commercial break. And do we ever tire of red poppies?

Wildflowers #4 | Paris Field

Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#70/365 Paintings

I’m imagining — hoping there is a field near Paris or on a rooftop that resembles this painting. This is all watercolor and was painted with a eyelash brush (never worked for me but works for flicking paint to make stalks) and Q-Tips. Fun experiment. Lots of that going on this month.

Oh, and by the way, my friend Lené Gary in Vermont (another snowy place) found this prose poem she wrote for others in snow right now—wildflower buds buried below. Thanks Lené!

Ear to Ground

“To hear the waltz of a bluet, the trill of a lily, the piping rupture of a wake robin in its potential maroon, requires the ear of a flowering heart to catch life limber (underground) months before the first of June. Today is a day I heard them. Goldthreads with their fairied flutes, clintonia with their drums, blue-eyed grass, I knew them well, by their high-pitched hum. Mud nearly rumbled. You’d think it was the frogs. The world is dancing beneath this frosty hue. To bloom, just listen (put your ear right here).” ~ Lené Gary

She’s quite the talent!


Here Comes March ~ Flutterings of Spring!


Whew! February was fun and challenging. Today I realize there were so many more I wanted to paint. Having said that, I look forward to the subject matter break. The concentration it takes to capture a gesture, emotion, character expression is quite something. I learned so much in February. Notice the style is a bit softer. Very little black pen work. More subtle line work. And I relaxed into the project. Sometimes I’d forget, it would be 10 p.m. at night. And still, painting wasn’t a chore even then.

Some new developments in February:

  • I wrote an article for people who want to take a bit of time daily for something they are thinking about. Upon request I wrote 10 tips to launch…
  • The store is really happening. I was able to pay my initial investment in the first 24 hours of opening. I’m not really marketing it. It’s simply there for 2 reasons. People who want the art ‘now’ for their walls and for charitable donations.
  • The first donation check went out today to Lucky Rabbits Rescue. I have a sidebar widget now that will report the monthly organizations.
  • I’m learning mixed media techniques with Carla Sonheim. I’m learning things I’ve always wanted to learn. Now that I’m painting so much and don’t want to bore myself or you, I’m soaking it up. And she’s adorable.
  • The 365 project is now in the Skinny Artist directory. A NYC organization for the arts. Love them.
  • I’ve grown more and more in love with art. I find myself reading everything I can get my hands on. Listening to TED Talks from some incredibly imaginative, brave people.
  • And, while I can’t paint most requests that come through my mailbox (already so full of images to paint by the beginning of the month), I did paint one this month. Some crazy boots requested by Janine Harris. So happy I did. Really worked in this theme.
  • I also dedicated a post to two friends in Portland. They are an inspiration when it comes to love. So 2 dedications. One for Character and one for Love.
  • Created a new header image for the site. Check it out: https://niyacreative.com
  • Today makes 60 total paintings since Jan 1. 2013. It’s always a surprise to me to see them getting done daily.

Here is the visual summary of paintings in February.

Including Jan. 60 Total Paintings.

Including Jan. 60 Total Paintings.

March will be an interesting adventure. I’m not sure how much writing will accompany the flower paintings. I believe there will be more abstractions. More visual and less words on those. But I can imagine some fun stories coming from the fabric subject matter. Kite flying alone…

At any rate, expect tons of pattern, layers, texture, color – color – color. I’m chomping at the bit! Thank you so very much daily subscribers for your continued support, energy, cheerleading, brilliant comments. It’s truly enriched my life.

Onward to Flower power and Prayer flags.