SF Bistro Central Parc Creme Brûlée


#176/365 Paintings

I have a dear friend, a very special friend who has such a passion for Creme Brûlée it makes you think she is entering a new country of new flavors and comforts with the thought of it — she invented the dance of solidarity with this fine dessert. Sage Cohen is a poet. Everything she expresses… whether it’s copy for business, poetry, for her son or loved ones is brilliant and gets you on the soul level. So, of course I simply had to order this dessert for my birthday celebration at Bistro Central Parc in NOPA. A soulful week of celebrations deserved nothing less. When Creme Brûlée came to the table, the French (cheek kisses all the way) waiters turned down the lights and had the whole restaurant sing happy birthday. Of course I thought to myself, Sage would approve… She would approve this “all the way.”


San Francisco Green Chili Kitchen Tamales


#174/365 Paintings

I feel very lucky to live just a block away from Green Chili Kitchen’s New Mexican style cuisine. My girlfriend’s and I made a spontaneous stop there on the way Centro Bistro Parc for my final (whew!) birthday party of the week. The margarita’s were amazing, but these Tamales I could easily live on. Handmade/homemade corn tortillas, vegan sweet potato and pork or chicken. With the roasted (not too hot) chili peppers and guacamole quesadilla’s, we were in girl party heaven. Across the street is Chili Pies by the same owner. The chocolate pecan is on my list if I can fit one more thing into my stomach. These two restaurants are in a constant state of buzz and good feeling. When my birthday was mentioned they boisterously took 15% off the bill. That’s the spirit!