Copyright, Niya Christine

#129/365 Paintings

When Molly was a baby and in training to go to her house on command… she decided to show me who was boss. The second the word, “Go…” came out of my mouth she ran around the living room — up on the couch, down to the floor at lightening speed. Her last act was to go under the papazion chair (above) with a look of defiance that said… absolutely no way! I do what I want, I’m Molly! Don’t even think for one second you will win this game. The other expression, for another painting was to tease like it was all a hilarious game and she was WAY smarter then any silly ol’ redhead bossing her around. She seemed to amuse herself very easily. And then when I wearied of the whole thing and turned to go, she’d quietly go into her house and go to sleep like that was the plan the whole time. Charlotte Brewster said it today best, “She was a character.”


Notes: I feel a Molly series coming on. A complete surprise to me. But it makes me feel close to her… perhaps a delay of complete grief. So perhaps you’ll indulge me for a few more of these. It really helps. And thank you all for your sweet condolences today. I feel so delighted by the people in my life.