Just a Burger?

Copyright. Niya C Sisk

#156/365 Paintings

Sometimes a burger is just a burger. But there are many situations when a burger has a little extra something to it—a glow.

For instance, let’s just say… you’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years. You are alone, driving from a spa in Mexico to Phoenix, AZ. in August. Gluten free diners along the way? Nada. There are so many Foster Freeze’s and greasy spoons you can’t stand it anymore. A cold pepsi and a big burger full of juicy slop makes you so hungry you think you hear hunger pains coming from your toes. Add to this equation that nobody has to know — and that burger is levitating off the grill. It glows right into your hungry and road-trip-wild, x-vegetarian heart. Yum.