Inner Cow

By Niya Christine. Copyright

#112/365 Paintings

In my late 20’s I was a workshop fiend. Anywhere a group of people gathered in the name of finding oneself, I was all over it. Once in meditation, a particular group leader asked us to say hello to the inner child. All I saw was a cow. I tried again. Nothing. Just the cow. Of course I thought I was dealing with some embarrassment about being 10 lbs overweight. But this cow was grazing about, munching on hay. At one point she laid down in the sun and scratched her head on her neighbors rump. She curiously poked her head through the fence and got caught, a neighbor came by and helped. I watched this movie for awhile. Very pleasant.  When I shared about my inner cow, the group was very helpful (after a good laugh and challenging questions about my avoidance of course). After much discussion the workshop leader thought I needed a break from my current work situation. A sabbatical — to rest and be curious and laze about, soak up the sun, perhaps go to Europe, fall in love, take photos of a few pigeons, let people help me more, etc. Okie, dokie. Great assessment.

Does anyone else have an inner cow? Care to share? I promise not to laugh! Okay, maybe a little.

Silly Cows

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#96/365 Paintings

Silliness abides when it comes to cow community. Can you imagine how many hours they have to practice? In fact, do cows have imagination hours like we do? You know those hours (or minutes in the case of the human condition) that we let ourselves daydream and giggle a bit? I think maybe cows invent silliness as a daily diet of being a cow. But how would we know? I wanna know. I do, I do.