What’s My Name?


#226/365 Paintings

I don’t know what I am or what my name is, but I like it here. Even though my home has 3 brown moons and yours just has one pale moon, I am growing accustomed to how it lights my way at night at it’s fullest. I like how everything here is in motion. I especially like the ritual of food gatherings. We don’t have that where I come from.

I do have one question: How long do I need to be here before I can say “I love you” without it being, uh, as you say… creepy?

I can’t wait.


Red-tailed Hawk


#225/365 Paintings

I’m fascinated with these creatures, but keeping this one hidden in the dark – from bunnies who might feel slightly betrayed that I allowed the slightest amount of art on their fatal enemy. They are called the chicken hawk, but…

I tell the rabbits that it’s a redhead thing. They still snub the idea.


Swami the Llama


#223/365 Paintings

This Llama is a comedian. He lives with the family I’m visiting. I walked up to say hello, he ran up to me like an eager puppy. The tufts of his face hair flying up and down like he’d take flight any second. His eyes are as big as plums with a newborn’s expectations of my meeting his every need. He’s seriously in this for all the money… this life stuff.

Swami loves apples like nobody’s business, so I gave him a small pile in this painting.

Everyone should have a Swami in their life.