The Bottomless Yum!

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#59/365 Paintings

This post is about the inextricable relationship between our theme, love and character when it comes to food.

Have you ever noticed how much character something yummy grows with every bite? By the time you’re done, it’s a freggin genius. The best human, non-human you’ve ever met! Until an hour later when you want to barf. Still… you’d do again in a second.

This post is dedicated to two people I know who meet more characters like this in a day than I might in a month. Shauna and Daniel Prince in Portland Oregon. Foodies and Oh-So-In-Love-with-Each-Other after years of marriage (incredible passion in this duo). Love you two! You know how to live!

Whale Love…

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#58/365 Paintings

Some years back I stayed in a B&B on the ocean of Kauai to write a book. The first night around 2 a.m. a loud thunderous song-like-sound woke me up. It felt so near, I thought it was in the room. It was deep and sonorous. It went on and on. I finally realized it was whales. I’ll never forget it. I thought for sure I was sleep deprived and imagining it. So I asked locals the next day. And yep, it was a common occurrence. Those whales sounded way more ancient and intense than any life experience I had ever thought was important. Sort of a zen thing to imagine how this whole underwater world going on while we go about our lives doing the things we do; worrying about the things we worry about. In Carl Sagan’s words, “We are but a dust mote at the very tail end of the milky way.” I felt like an atom in that dust mote that night. Kind of comforting in an odd way.

Whales completely leave me groveling at the steps of “more please!—more of that great mystery. It’s incredible. But sing me to sleep this time!” It might be time for another trip to Hawaii!

More Than a Horse

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#50/365 Paintings

  • Grace
  • Beauty
  • Nobility
  • Strength
  • Freedom
  • Power
  • This list applies to both of them. There is too much to say about this combination for a short post. However, the love, mutual respect and understanding in this duo has saved lives, benefited tribes and communities throughout history. It’s an image that is near and dear to my heart and definitely a part of this month’s theme Love & Character.


    Project notes: I finally finished an article I’ve been working on a couple of weeks requested by a few folks who wanted to start their own daily creation project. Here it is if you are interested: 10 Tips to Launch Your Own