Some Dogs Walk on Water


#286/365 Paintings

Some dogs walk on water to some cats who get rescued by such a dog. This dog for instance… his name is Sam. He loves this pink cat (can you tell?). Sam knows that he likes water a lot more than Pinkie. And has some mastery over the molecules. Sam also knows that sometimes Pinkie fake drowns to get him to rescue her. She’s got a bit of a crush. They do look happy together, don’t they?



#284/365 Paintings

This guy is a stud. A 2 year old coyote who hunts all day long for his women. And there are many. This is him coming in after his explorations. He’s kind of a stash it as you go guy. So he has treasure maps in his head to take his dates on for picnics. He’s a trickster when it comes to hunting games. And, when it comes to love, he’s all heart, soul, commitment — with every single one.


Owl in Love with Sparrow

Mixed Media by Niya Christine. Copyright

#47/365 Paintings

The owl let out it’s large talons, skidded on the dirt for a split second before scooping up the sparrow for dinner. The sparrow in his panic rolled several times before the snap of a wing and then dent of a pupil. He was done for. There was nothing uncertain about that. He dazed off as the great owl flew him to her nest. The sparrow had grown very weak. She pushed him aside as she prepared a small pocket of twigs around his body like a placemat on the dinner table. With her huge beak she pulled him from his non-broken wing. It confused her why she took care like this—not to hurt him, since she had just pummeled him and was about to eat him. He looked at her then from his torn up eye as if to say, “please… this hurts, go ahead.” It happened then. And she couldn’t tell you why this sparrow in particular. But she suddenly wanted nothing more than his wholeness. She pulled up the softest twigs she could find to support his wing. She fussed over him all night long. A red tail hawk tried to swoop in to eat him and she obfuscated him with one swift kick. What was she to do? She only destroyed tiny birds. She had no idea how to fix him. She put her body over him with special care that he breathed and kept him warm all night, hoping by dawn he would be whole again. She imagined the great adventures they would have together. He had a hold of her heart good!

In the morning she woke with a start. A shimmer of hope and happiness. She lifted her large wing and gently moved the twigs aside. She wriggled him. But it was no use. He was gone.

So this is how the great owl fell in love with the sparrow and kept him in her heart to this day.


Project notes: This piece is the result of the multimedia class that concluded today (mentioned in previous posts). I’m thrilled to have learned how to do this. My technique is the opposite. Simply draw and paint, I’d forgotten about so many fun things like charcoal, gesso, pastel and more. I love how the images emerge and layers and layers later they introduce themselves as the characters they are. There will be more of this style in the future, I’m sure.

Book Love

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#46/365 Paintings

For me, there is simply nothing better than 2 solid hours or more of reading without distraction. Books had to make it into this month’s theme. Not only is there the life-long love of reading that people share… but, love stories of all dimensions and genres are alive and well — threaded in and amongst the letters going by.I also retreat to books, the old fashion kind nowadays, to have a break from the many screens available to us daily. “But you’ll get addicted to the Kindle and the screen isn’t that bad” my friends say. More like a nose dive into curiosities and clicks. Books are my personal SLOW revolution. I’ll keep it that way for as long as I can.

Prickly Pear Love

Niya Christine Watercolor. Copyright

#41/365 Paintings

Oh I know, what an awful title for love and romance. Honestly, I didn’t know where this painting was taking me until I finished it. At first I thought it was something like Talking Heads song Once in a Lifetime:

“And you may find yourself in another part of the world. And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile. You may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife. You may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?”

But no, I think what this couple is up to is something like life itself. Watching a huge sky sunset (they feel small in comparison), secure in their bond… while the itches and discomforts of life are not far away. In fact, they just happen to be sitting on a prickly pear cactus patch. But they are in good hands. Prickly pear cactus cures hangovers and is used as a treatment for diabetes. So maybe the sweetness of life got a bit out of hand. Maybe they took the sweetness and intoxication of their love a bit far at some point. Life has a way of finding balance somehow even if they decide to wear leathers the next time they go to the desert.

Little People Love…

Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#37/365 Paintings

Does it start young? Or is it just universal? As organic as a puppy to a willing lap or a rabbit to anything carrot? Love seems to have it’s own force and character. I like it. I’ll keep it around and invite it to remember young moments like this.


Project notes: Do you think I might be enjoying this month’s theme a bit? Oh yeah! I’m all over it. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s painting. The paintings are habituating to 20-30 minutes again. Yay!


Bugs and Kisses

Bugs & Kisses watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#33/365 Paintings

There’s something about kissing in an old, tiny, uncomfortable VW bug. I’ve had a lot of experiences but this isn’t one of them. I relate more to the hoot owl in this painting. The wide eyed wonder. Why are they kissing in the middle of the road? Will the gear shifter go out and roll the bug into the woods? Do they care? Ahhh… but they are a cute couple, even though I didn’t quite get his youthful beard right. I think these two are having a wonderful time, enjoying dusk, their road trip and not knowing the secret curiosity of the owl on the roof.