Canary Has a Thing or Two to Say to Baby Cow

Painting by Niya Christine. 365 Paintings. Copyright

#93/365 Paintings

I don’t think this cow has ever heard so much coming out of a tiny a creature. A creature under a lb. Given that he weighs quite a bit more, he’s pretty surprised by her uninhibited verbiage. Confusion is the most complex emotion he’s experienced since his birth a couple days ago. I have a feeling he’ll come to respect this bird. He’s quite colorful and more complex than he knows.

Project notes: Collage takes my breath away, and my meals. I can’t tell you how many meals I’ve burned because it’s so consuming. I didn’t think this image would come about. It’s been through several variations. Very close to the recycle pile and then by some stroke of luck it came around.

Little Bunny, Big Dreams

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#66/365 Paintings

Sometimes a day flying a kite becomes a real party. For our little bunny here her friends…real, imagined, life lived or life just begun came to celebrate the windy sky with her.

Media notes: This was painted via watercolor with some mixed media elements added and then a digitally amended background added in the end. Wild fun!

Critter Character

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#55/365 Paintings

This baby animal (freckled bunny? long eared leopard?) is fresh into the world and waiting for her story to begin. I think she might become the best friend of Restless Rosie—main character in a current children’s book in the works. Rosie would get impatient with this one’s calm and wonder. Yup, this would be a very good ally/teacher for Rosie. Thanks for listening. : )