Life is Really Really Good

By Niya Christine. Copyright

#109/365 Paintings

Canaries mate once a year, but I have a feeling these two have been together awhile. For one thing, look at how pudgy they are. That’s a lot of worms. And only birds who know one another really well have the patterns of feeding each other down pat. Yes, I’m convinced they know one another well—find each other at mating time and look like this, a lot! Perhaps they survived the coal mines or one rescued the other. But there’s a lot of love goin’ on in that tree.


Flower Forest & Sweet Elephant

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#86/365 Paintings

I like this elephant’s life. She saunters from beautiful vista to beautiful vista. Even flower forests look after her. Of course it takes really tall flower trees to protect such an elephant of girth, long tusks and charm.

Project notes: This is a collage of a couple paintings in the recycle pile. The elephant was an incomplete painting. And, remember the decorative flowers—the textured large sunflower, etc.? The roses never made it. But I do love them much more now in their reincarnation. In fact, I’m delighted by what collage produces. The paintings in the recycle pile have new meaning now.

Decorative Flowers #2 | Sunflower

Flowers Series 2 by Niya Christine. Copyright

#76/365 Paintings

Amongst my favorite flowers are poppies, gladiolas, lilac, gardenia, star lilies (the ones that smell good) But at the very tip top of my list is the sunflower. It is so tall and powerful—bold and beautiful. And gosh so productive. So much going on right at the center. In constant baby making mode; seeds, seeds, seeds. My rabbit has a dose of sun butter everyday to keep his aging skin moisturized. Such the prima donna. He loves it though. So today’s painting is to say “Hey sunflower, thank you! And, I love you. And so does my rabbit, Dakota.”