Steam Spout Competition

Steamers Competition. Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#23/365 Paintings 2013

In far regions of the Atlantic sea whales and teapots gather for their annual Steam Spout competition. Now, you’d think that the whales with their powerful spouts and fierce tails would win the competition in the first 5 minutes and make such a competition null and void in the future. But have you ever studied the psychological anatomy of a teapot? They are clingers, they grab on like leeches on bare toes, like freckles to the face of a red head and lint to flannel. They are also proud. They have strategy sessions about strategy sessions to make sure they have covered every angle. In this case, just when the whale’s steam fills the sky miles up to almost touch the clouds, more pots pop up out of nowhere. Chaos and confusion take over the whale’s senses. Eventually, she grows tired and worried. See her worried look? She’s tired of teapots sputtering in her face. She’s tired of impressing her man with these silly competitions. But whales are built to endure. And endure she will… until every teapot is conquered. And it’s her hard won steam that meets those clouds and brings her mate back to her to live out their days.

Now where are those trumpets when I need them?


Project notes: Right! So this is not that great of a painting. But… when I committed to this project I decided to buck the idea of “do things well or not at all.” I like the idea of just do it and do it a lot — eventually it gets better. Not painting because it might turn out bad is no fun at all. ; )