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Design Statement


Point of View

Design to me is what structures underlying cultural concerns for how humans understand one another and transact. 

I started my career at Apple Computer in the early 90's when design values were forming fast and technology was finding itself. A very exciting time to observe how people related to technology when relationship did not require a social media account.

Steve Jobs, who I worked amongst at NeXT (after Apple) pushed us to think of the computer 'box' as a relationship not just a task accomplisher. He asked me once how I would take my icons and transform them into something that felt classical/romantic in a boring environment such as the Help section.

My primary values are embedded in what is generated when we ask … What if? Why? and Why not? Evolve and ruthlessly edit, learn from mistakes (really, truly), amplify what works. And be brave and adventuress when it comes to process. Uncertainty is a good thing.

Experience has taught me that when it comes to product experience design reality is on the table as conversation starter not an end in itself. 


The Design Thinker utilizes all of these at one time or another.

The Design Thinker utilizes all of these at one time or another.